Jenna is a skilled and meticulous Registered Nurse who has performed thousands of aesthetic treatments over a 15 year period. She has worked in Grass Valley at the office of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Bruce V. Lattyak, MD for over a decade. She has gained invaluable experience in effectively and safely treating patients with a variety of concerns. She has developed highly sought after skills in artistically creating natural results while being a calm and compassionate medical aesthetics provider. She has developed a loyal following of patients who compliment her attention to detail, honesty and integrity, and strict adherence to patient safety. She values a thorough assessment of your facial structures while listening to your concerns, using her understanding of facial anatomy to safely and effectively provide your treatments.

Jenna is now partnered with Robert Crockett, MD, and has created Glō MedAesthetics at her lovely and serene spa located at 419 Broad Street in Nevada City, CA. She is pleased to continue her dedication to artfully crafted aesthetic rejuvenation in her new location. She gives honest feedback, knowing when to refer to a surgeon or dermatologist to help patients reach their desired goals. Her years as a plastic surgery nurse help in crafting a plan to best suit your needs. She is happy to give informed recommendations when desired or needed.

Menu of Services

Botox Cosmetic reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles of the areas treated. The most popular treatment areas are forehead, frown, and crow’s feet lines. Jenna is happy to also treat “bunny” lines near your nose, provide a Botox brow lift, minimize fine lines near your lips, soften downward turned corners of your mouth, smooth a dimpled chin, and even help with neck laxity.

Juvederm reduces early signs of aging by diminishing the depth of facial folds and wrinkles and offers a natural look and feel to the lips by making them fuller.  

Volbella increases lip fullness and softens the appearance of fine lines around the lips, cheeks, and chin

Vollure is a hylauronic acid filler FDA approved for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. Results typically last up to 18 months. 

Voluma is designed to add lift and volume to the mid face, providing enhanced cheekbones and structure. Results typically last up to two years.

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for pink and purple spider veins.  A solution is injected into the vein, which then collapse and are absorbed into the body.